COMPACT Objectives

In relation to the current shortfalls of delivery and efficacy of biopharmaceuticals the overall objective of the COMPACT consortium is to reduce delivery and targeting bottlenecks for developing novel innovative biopharmaceutical based medicines. In order to reach this main objective three sub objectives have been formulated:

  • To identify and characterise transport pathways across biological barriers and across cell membranes so that they may be utilised for drug delivery purposes. The biological barriers that will be investigated are the intestinal barrier, skin barrier, air-lung barrier, blood-lung barrier, blood-brain barrier and cell and endosomal membranes
  • To construct and characterise formulations for non-invasive delivery of peptide- and protein-based drugs with an emphasis on oral, airway and transdermal delivery and for transport over the blood-brain barrier
  • To construct and characterise formulations for delivery of nucleic acid-based drugs with an emphasis on intracellular and transcellular delivery
  • To preclinically validate the ability of selected biopharmaceutical formulations to deliver to specific targets at desired bioavailability